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Red Sparrow sells children's books and t-shirts about friendship, kindness and accepting each other for who we are.

There are 4 children's books with 4 matching children's t-shirts. Each t-shirt comes to life by having its' own story and each book becomes real with its' own t-shirt children can wear. They make a wonderful and unique gift for children.

The books and t-shirt characters are called "Puzzlies". The Puzzlies all live inside a jigsaw puzzle. Each story has the Puzzlies searching for a missing piece of the jigsaw puzzle, finding it only when they accept and embrace each other's differences.

Titles and t-shirts include an Elephant with red gumboots, a Snail with glasses, a Unicorn and a Cloud that couldn't stop crying.  View a sneak peek of our books

To bring the Puzzlies to life the author, Samantha Vicars also conducts fun and imaginative storytelling sessions for children.  For more wonderful stories see Samantha Vicar's storytelling blog www.redsparrowkids.blogspot.com.au


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